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PT-8200 automatic blowing and trapping device

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PT-8200  Automatic Purge and Trap

The PT-8200 fully automatic purge and capture device is used for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) in environmental samples. It enriches and prepares volatile organic compounds in various matrix samples such as liquids and solids, and can also perform derivative reaction processing on samples. Sample types that can be tested include wastewater, drinking water, seawater, blood, sediment, mineral mud, soil, cosmetics, textiles, packaging, food, spices, and other volatile organic compounds.

Product Introduction:

1、Double Needle Double Cup

2、Equipped with sample tray cooling function

3、With automatic defoaming function

4、Fixed needle heating function

5、Positioning calibration function

6、PC software control, one click operation, convenient operation, and comprehensive functions

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