Pt-7900d - Ⅱ full automatic purge and trap device
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PT-7900D - Ⅱ automatic purge and trap device

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PT-7900D - Ⅱ automatic purge and trap device

1、Number of sample grades: 72

2、It can automatically run 72 samples and perform functions such as blowing, trapping, desorption, injection, and back blowing cleaning with one click

3、The gas circuit uses inert treated stainless steel pipes and PEEK pipes, imported electric switching valves, and imported electronic pressure sensors, which can display the carrier gas pressure in real-time and achieve stable retention time

4、Program control of seven temperature channels in the sample area, injection valve, purge tube, sample transfer tube, cold trap, water trap, and capture tube desorption zone, with a desorption temperature rise rate of up to 2000/min

5、Automatic infusion function of injection pump

6、Equipped with a dedicated interface that can synchronously start various GC, GCMS, and chromatographic data processing workstations both domestically and internationally

7、This device has an automatic sample stirring function; U-shaped purging pipe can be selected as 5ml25ml

8、The automatic backflushing function of the entire blowing and sampling system can avoid cross contamination of different samples

9、Equipped with a water trap in front of the trap to reduce the impact of water vapor on GC/GCMS

10、Power on system self inspection, fault alarm and prompt functions, temperature overload protection functions, leakage protection functions, etc., to improve the Factor of safety of the instrument

11、Seven inch touch screen operation interface, detection method parameter settings, real-time cloud image display of working status, running time, traffic, etc

12、Adopting MFC mass flow controller, which can automatically adjust the sample flow rate

13、Methanol cleaning and high-temperature water cleaning functions. Effectively reducing cross contamination and residual issues in high concentration liquid or solid analysis processes

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