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Beijing Zhongyi Yusheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service of pre-processing instruments. The company was established in 2009, with a self-supporting office area exceeding 10,000m² and a R&D center housing dozens of personnel as well as a high standard application center, laying a solid foundation for R&D innovation, industry standard method development, and product performance testing.

We are committed to providing pre-treatment instruments for various basic science and industry applications such as environmental testing, food safety, health care, disease control, materials research, third-party testing organizations etc. Our main products include automatic headspace samplers; automatic thermal desorption instruments; standard sample loading platforms; extraction pipette activation devices; automatic purge trap devices; rapid solvent extraction instruments; vacuum parallel concentration instruments; solid phase extraction instruments; integrated intelligent distillation instruments; atmospheric pre-concentration devices; automatic can cleaning instrumentssamples loaderssamplerdynamic dilution instrumentautomatic gas sampler Let's wait.

After years of development we have provided pre-treatment instrument products and services for tens of thousands of users nationwide. In the future,Zhongyi Yusheng will continue to focus on the pretreatment industry,take technological innovation as the cornerstone,take industry demand as the goal,and accelerate the research and development of new products,promote the application of new technologies,and promote together with most users experts peers China's scientific instrumentation.


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