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AHS-6890A Semi-automatic headspace sampler

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AHS-6890A Semi-automatic headspace sampler

Sample grade quantity:9

Injection method :Pressure balanced injection mode

Product Features

1、Metal body heating and temperature control, with high temperature control accuracy and small gradient

2、Pre sample area, convenient for users to operate during sample placement and sampling

3、Microcomputer program control, capable of setting method parameters, real-time working status, and running time

4、The sample area, injection valve system, and sample transfer tube are all individually heated and temperature controlled

5、Set the control program and press the run button to automatically complete the entire sample analysis

6、Can store 9 methods, convenient to call at any time, achieving fast startup and analysis

7、Equipped with a dedicated interface that can synchronously start various GC, GCMS, and chromatographic data processing workstations both domestically and internationally

8、Equipped with an external carrier gas regulation system, the GC instrument does not need to be modified or modified for headspace sampling analysis, and the original instrument carrier gas can also be selected

9、Through time programming, automatic functions such as pressurization, sample injection, back blowing and cleaning can be achieved

10、Adopting pressure balanced injection method, the headspace injection has a narrow peak shape and good repeatability

11、The sample transfer tube and injection valve have automatic backflushing function to avoid cross contamination of different samples

12、For active substance analysis, elastic quartz tubes can be selected as sample transfer tubes

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