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HS-80 automatic headspace sampler

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HS-80  automatic headspace sampler

1、Adopting the XYZ dual three-axis motion form, it achieves automatic operation of a series of steps from bottle picking, loading, sampling, bottle returning, needle tying, injection, and needle extraction, which is fast and accurate

2、It has the characteristics of fast operation speed, high sampling efficiency, and convenient operation

3、The host has ready, running, and fault indicator lights, allowing real-time viewing of the instrument's operating status

4、The headspace injection needle has a heating function to avoid sample condensation and increase the accuracy of the experiment

5、10/15 position heating furnace, which can achieve overlapping heating of multiple samples, reduce waiting time, and improve analysis efficiency

6、The heating position has oscillation function, which can accelerate the time required for sample balance, enhance sensitivity and reproducibility

7、PC software control. Real time display of instrument operation dynamics and the current status of each sample, automatic storage methods and operation logs, free addition of queue samples, and adjustable queue operation sequence, enabling automatic operation of multiple methods and queues without intermediate operations

8、Optional electronic pressure control (EPC) system to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of analysis

9、The sample transmission pipeline and injection needle are made of inert materials to reduce sample residue and loss

10、Pressure balanced injection, time controlled injection volume

11、Equipped with a dedicated interface that can synchronously start various GC, GCMS, and chromatographic data processing workstations both domestically and internationally

12、The injection system has an automatic backflushing function, which can effectively reduce cross contamination of different samples

13、Power on system self check, fault alarm and prompt functions, temperature overload protection functions, leakage protection functions, etc., improve the Factor of safety of instrument use


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