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SMCC-1 automatic tank cleaning instrument

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SMCC-1 automatic tank cleaning instrument

1、Adopting imported oil-free vortex vacuum pump with single pump control, effectively reducing the probability of damage to the molecular turbine pump caused by front pump failure during dual pump control

2、Power 400W, pumping speed up to 250L/min, ultimate vacuum<1.6Pa (12mTorr)

3、During the cleaning cycle, an automatic alarm function is set, and if the vacuum level is not reached for a long time, the user will be automatically reminded to repair the equipment

4、Program control can set cleaning methods, automatically achieving high-purity nitrogen cleaning, humidifying high-purity nitrogen cleaning, or co cleaning, and can be set for 1 to 99 cycles or manual operation

5、Effectively remove residual VOCs in the sampling tank

6、Accurately control the emptying and filling time to ensure consistency in cleaning between different batches

7、8 6L sampling tanks can be fully heated and cleaned simultaneously, or several sampling tanks of other specifications can be customized according to needs

8、System leak detection function, vacuum leak detection before opening Suma tank valve

9、Capacitive touch screen design, user-friendly interactive interface, and the ability to edit and store multiple cleaning methods

10、Equipped with high-quality universal wheels for easy movement

11、Equipped with active heat dissipation function, which can quickly reduce the temperature inside the box

12、The self-developed constant temperature box heating method uses an internal vortex fan, which can quickly achieve and ensure the uniformity of internal heating temperature

13、Standard humidification device, capable of humidification and cleaning

14、Real time display of pressure, temperature, time, valve status, etc

15、All gas pipelines and accessories have undergone silanization treatment

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