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Atmospheric preconcentration

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ZY-6800N Atmospheric preconcentration unit

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Product features:

※ Startup self-test, fault alarm and prompt, high temperature overload protection function, power off protection function, etc., improve the safety factor of instrument use;

※PC software control, user-friendly interface design, method parameter setting, real-time display of working status, flow, etc., easy to operate;

※ Each channel is heated by a separate control system, temperature control is accurate;

※ Set the detection method and click to run to automatically complete the entire sample analysis;

※ Using TCP/IP communication mode to connect to the computer, effectively avoid the occurrence of test sequence interruption caused by unstable USB-to-serial communication;

※ Using liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology, better water removal, carbon dioxide removal ability, capture temperature up to -180℃. The heating and cooling efficiency of the cold trap is higher, and the sample can be injected in small doses, which better reduces the pipeline residue and improves the injection accuracy.

※ It can handle polar (aldehydes, alcohols, esters, keones, ethers) and non-polar, sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds and other volatile organic compounds and ozone depleting substances (ODS) below carbon 12, and presets the "2019 Monitoring Program for Volatile Organic Compounds in the air of prefectural level cities and above", HJ1078-2019, HJ759-2023 and other standard analysis methods. The analytical requirements of the above standard methods can be met without any changes during the analysis process;

※ Can accurately measure the volume of samples in any matrix, such as hydrogen matrix, carbon dioxide matrix, air, etc., and measure the volume of samples in different matrices through changes in pressure or flow rate;

※ Automatic leak detection function, automatic leak detection before each test, to prevent data errors caused by flow path leakage;

※ Can automatically add matrix substitutes and internal standards, increase the analysis of standard gases, can effectively improve the accuracy of analysis results, and better avoid sample contamination;

※ High degree of automation, good compatibility, suitable for air bags, suma cans, can also be directly connected to the automatic sampler;

※ The liquid nitrogen valve is separated from the quantifying device to effectively avoid excessive temperature change of the liquid nitrogen valve and ensure the stability of quantification;

※ Transmission pipes, interfaces are inert treatment, and coated with thermal insulation, equipped with heating devices;

※ Adopt accurate proportional valve flow control technology to ensure the accuracy of the sample volume and realize the flow control in different states;

* No need to manually adjust the flow rate, automatically calculate the gas mass and volume, automatically adjust the sample flow rate, long service life, low maintenance rate;

※ Using ultra-low temperature temperature control technology, temperature control is accurate;

※ With automatic system baking function, to avoid cross contamination of different samples;

※ With special interface, it can synchronously start various GC, GCMS and chromatographic data processing workstations at home and abroad.

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