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HTB-3420B Desorber activation device

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HTB-3420B   Desorber activation device

The HTB-3420B desorption tube activation device is a supporting equipment for a thermal desorption instrument, which can activate up to 24 desorption tubes simultaneously. Accurate flow control, saving carrier gas, automatic and rapid cooling, saving consumables, practical and intelligent in parallel.

Product Features:

1、Powerful air-cooled structure, shortening the cooling time of the desorber and improving work efficiency

2、Adopting a quick connector connection, it is more convenient to insert and remove the tube, and can also reduce the loss of the sealing ring

3、Use stainless steel gas pipeline and use a filter in the front section of the gas pipeline to further filter the gas source

4、The exhaust outlet uses an electronic control valve, which automatically switches on and off to prevent air or exhaust gas from being sucked back and polluting the suction tube

5、Centralized gas outlet for convenient collection of waste gas

6、7-inch touch screen with comprehensive and intuitive parameters, allowing for real-time monitoring of instrument operation

7、Adopting electronic flow meters for more convenient and accurate flow control

8、Adopting fifth order heating, the activation effect is obvious

9、Unique sealing structure and gas path structure, capable of activating one or more analytical tubes separately, with each pipeline carrying independent gas

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