BCEIA 2021: Zhongyi Yusheng makes an amazing debut with new products!
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BCEIA 2021: Zhongyi Yusheng makes an amazing debut with new products!

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Grand occasion of the exhibition | BCEIA 2021: Zhongyi Yusheng makes an amazing debut with new products!

Beijing analysis and Testing Conference and Exhibition (BCEIA) is a large-scale exhibition with great influence in the field of analysis and testing. It is held every two years and has been successfully held for 18 sessions. It has played an important role in promoting international scientific and technological exchanges and promoting the development of analysis and testing science and instrument manufacturing technology in China. At the same time, it is also an important window to show the innovative achievements of China's scientific instruments. It has attracted the attention of many experts, scholars and scientific and technological personnel at home and abroad, and is well-known in the industry.

Yesterday, the 19th Beijing analysis and testing Symposium and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as BCEIA) was grandly opened in Beijing • China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Museum). The exhibition site is bustling and popular. Zhongyi Yusheng (Booth No.: Hall e2-2055) showed a variety of new products in this exhibition, which attracted people's attention.

As an intelligent manufacturer focusing on sample pretreatment instruments, Zhongyi Yusheng showed pt-8000 automatic purging and trapping device, pt-7972d automatic purging and trapping device, HS-80 automatic headspace injector, ahs-7900e automatic headspace injector, atds-50a automatic thermal desorption, atds-20a Max automatic thermal desorption instrument, htb-3420b desorption tube activation device, zy-6800n atmospheric preconcentration device, ga-6d dynamic diluter As-30g automatic gas injector, solvent extractor, more than 10 products. From the appearance of the instrument to the performance display of the instrument, and then to the expansion of products and services, they have won the praise of the exhibition teachers and gained a lot.

High quality products are the core of Zhongyi Yusheng, and high-quality service is the essence of Zhongyi Yusheng. The small partners of Zhongyi Yusheng at the scene were full of vitality. They received every exhibitor with careful, patient and considerate service, full of enthusiasm and confidence!

For more wonderful contents of the exhibition, welcome to the site to communicate with us. Booth e2-2055, Zhongyi Yusheng looks forward to your arrival!

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